Mr. McCaffrey-Boss:

In answer to your question [Schools have no part in kids’ success? Viewpoints, July 18], no my son is not a caucasian.

I also did not say that the schools didn’t have a role to play in education, even though it appears Wednesday Journal thought it would create more controversey if they characterized my comments that way. No surprise when it comes to WJ.

My point was that there is a hierarchy of responsibility that starts with the students and their parents. I also said the foundation for achievement is established early in a child’s education and that it is unreasonable to expect that OPRF, or any school, can make up for what has been missed during the previous nine years of schooling.

I also wanted to let students and their parents know that the resources they need are out there. My experience at OPRF is that the teachers and staff are ready and eager to help. All the students and their parents need to do is their part. It’s not easy, but nothing about achievement is easy.

It is sad that the politics of the achievement gap is more important to some than the education of their children.

Dale Jones
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