Mr. Trainor has used tons of newsprint and barrels of ink (soy, I assume) to promote presidential impeachment [Citizenship means overcoming passivity, Viewpoints, July 4], which is neither supported by any real facts nor constitutional provisions. He seems oblivious to the incompetence of his own team in Washington, Springfield and Strogerland. He seems not to mind that our state cannot do their constitutional budgeting duty, even without the interference of an opposing party. Washington can only parrot Mr. Trainor’s GWB hatred myopia – 300 congessional investigations, without any findings of illegal acts.

Mr. Trainor is strangely silent about the matter of Rep. Jefferson (D-La.) still at the public trough in spite of his indictment. Mrs. Pelosi’s first 100 days of ethical sunshine was a joke and the leadership of the current congressional majority is just as funny (tragic). Their solution seems to be to redefine ethics.

I don’t defend much of our president’s legacy since I feel he has betrayed his conservative base. I do commend him for standing up to the bad people on this earth who desire to kill us. I wonder if Mr. Trainor understands that those bad people desire to kill his family just as much as mine.

If the U.S. is to be loved by the rest of the world, we must reduce our standard of living to that of the least of the Third World. Mr. Trainor could lead the way and set an example by boarding up his bathroom, moving into his garage and running up and down his street toting a rocket-launcher. He could also remove the motor from his automobile and get a goat to drag it and his family to Day in our Village. The Trainor family laundry could be done on a flat rock in the Des Plaines River – and on and on.

I admit that the Republican Party is a spineless bunch who wasted an opportunity to change the nation for the better. That said, the Democrats seem hell-bent on turning the nation over to the U.N. after they loot the treasury.

Ray Simpson
Oak Parker for 41 years

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