I want to add my name to the list of Oak Parkers who strongly support the renovation of the green space at Field Center and Mann School. My son attended Mann School, and I was always struck by how the field space and playground areas were not efficiently utilized. The plan as it stands is a vast improvement, and I am surprised to see that it has 11th-hour opposition based on the necessary removal of 14 trees, when over 100 new ones will be planted as part of the new facility. I consider myself an environmentalist, and never take the removal of mature trees lightly, but the upside of the new plan for the community as a whole is, in my opinion, undeniable. Oak Park suffers from a severe lack of playing fields, and the opportunity to add usable fields, while at the same time greatly beautifying the area, should not be squandered.

I hope to see this plan undertaken as soon as possible.

Rick Smith
Oak Park

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