As a senior citizen, I have repeatedly broken into broad smiles as, increasingly over the past many weeks, I have seen very little children hoisted up onto the gorgeous carousel horses which currently grace Oak Park Avenue. “What a gift” I have thought, “to have such lovely works of art grace our community, which at the same time light up the eyes of our little ones!”

Then came the signs. Please, leaders. First, ask the artists: are they really concerned that small, cloth-covered bottoms, skinny bare legs, and sneakers, are going to damage their creations? Second – if you must – put up a sign disclaiming responsibility for liability in the event of injury. Just don’t cast a pall over what has been a unique, heartwarming, community-building artistic contribution, by putting invisible walls around these creations, requiring young parents to console their disappointed children instead of providing them a moment of pure, exuberant joy.

Ron Moline
Oak Park

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