I received a very deeply disturbing e-mail this morning regarding the removal of a grove of trees at Field Park in order to build a soccer field and parking lot. This grove includes some of the oldest and most beautiful trees in Oak Park.

This is unacceptable to me as a long time resident of Oak Park and a citizen of a planet in crisis.

Trees are the most valuable resource we have right now. Not only are they beautiful, but they are one of our greatest defenses against greenhouse gases. It is imperative to preserve as much of this natural resource as possible. It is no longer a question of aesthetics, it is a matter of survival for us and our children. The trees absorb the carbon, release oxygen and keep the planet cooler. Every tree matters.

I made a commitment this Saturday, during the Live Earth campaign, to fight to preserve this resource and to pressure government, officials and the media when I believe that our resources are being violated. I remain strong and resolute in my conviction.

Stop and desist this action. Instead of spending all this money on removing trees, try removing some asphalt and plant trees instead. We will all benefit, even your children and your grandchildren.

Please look at the big picture. Children need trees a lot more than another soccer field. Stop this action now.

Terry Mueller

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