During several public hearings over the past two years on the issue of installing lights at the OPRF High School stadium, the District 200 board has listened to OPRF’s neighbors express concerns regarding light spillage, trash, security, traffic and noise. I wish to assure the neighbors and the community at large that the Dist. 200 school board is confident that the high school administrative staff can and will address all of these concerns to the neighbors’ satisfaction.

Light spillage will not be an issue with the technology that we intend to install. As for trash, the school’s Buildings and Grounds staff are already required to pick up trash in neighboring streets and yards daily, and additional trash pick-up after evening games will be implemented as well.

Security is an issue that the staff addresses regularly for all school events, and for the 3-4 Friday night football games per year, appropriate new security measures will be developed and implemented. Per recommendations of our traffic consultant, we will work with the Village of Oak Park to implement parking and traffic regulations that minimize inconvenience to neighbors.

Finally, with regard to noise, we are open to considering technological modifications to the stadium public address system, should those be in order.

In short, the Dist. 200 board pledges here and now to do everything in its power to temper the effects of stadium lights for the neighbors.

Jacques A. Conway
District 200 board president

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