? I really like those electric lawn mowers: they are quieter, and definitely cleaner. At least two neighbors have them, and what a difference?#34;no clouds of blue smoke!

? I’m starting to hate packaging, in general, and in particular all those bags we use at the grocery store. But I feel like a dork with my canvas bags. Plus I forget them most of the time. The one time we used them, we also walked to the grocery store with the dog. She got a walk, we got some exercise, and on the way home, we engaged in some very nice conversations with the neighbors. Now that’s not a bit dorky.

? Hypocrisy and drops in the bucket: there are things we do that are definitely not green: like not fixing that leaky faucet, or using a lawn service, or turning on the air conditioning, for starters. On the other hand, I finally started to turn off the faucet while brushing my teeth, and even taking a more “military” shower (get wet, turn off the water, soap up, rinse). I’m all for individual efforts and contributions, but given the scale of climate change I wonder and worry will it be enough?

? The grammar of green: is it a noun, or a verb, or maybe an adjective or adverb. Is it an action, or a state of mind?

? At least within my family, I’m starting to get a reputation about this “green thing” and family members are sending articles, notes, emails, and videos that might appeal to me. More importantly, I hope they are thinking about their own green habits.

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