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Loyola is ugly: I’ve spent some time recently at Loyola University Hospital in Maywood getting a mid-life tune-up. Since they did well by me perhaps it is rude to say so, but that is one ugly collection of concrete buildings.

To their credit, there are a couple of new buildings/additions being shoehorned into the First Avenue campus that are not just plain hideous. The new structures are a bit rounded, have some glass facades to break the grey concrete look the hospital adopted in the 1960s. This complex reminds me of the sort of utilitarian design popular in Moscow a generation ago.

WBEZ’s matching grants: As much of Oak Park knows, since our burg is dense with public radio members, the past week has been the summer pledge drive. A strange blend of repulsion and attraction in listening to pledge drives. Burdensome repetition of the phone number and the current promotional gambit?#34;Wine Aficionado magazine for FREE. But there can be an unrehearsed quality that is fun. And Oak Park’s Peter Sagal, host of “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” was funny with his pledge drive bit about the fabulous low tech quality of public radio. “No P.I.N. needed to listen.”

But here’s the question. Matching grants. If a WBEZ board member or corporation offers to match funds (If we raise $5,000 in the next 13 minutes!) and the station doesn’t come through, does Kraft really sit on its money?

Stroger, The Leader: Is it not too late for Todd Stroger to be a leader in promoting awareness of prostate cancer? Wouldn’t it have shown leadership, as well as honesty, to have talked about the diagnosis 10 months ago? Or, at least, to have been straightforward about why he was going into the hospital last Monday instead of actively hiding it?

Simpler question. Isn’t it too late for Todd Stroger to be a leader?

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