A Chicago woman made a purchase at the North Avenue Citgo, exited, and was followed by an 18-year-old male, June 16 around 3 a.m. She made a call on a payphone on the 6000 block of North Avenue when the 5-foot-10 male approached from behind wearing a white jersey with red checked stripes on the sleeves. He pushed her to the ground, and a struggle ensued before he struck her in the mouth and reached into her bra, pulling out $15 before fleeing east on North Avenue. The woman sustained numerous scrapes and cuts. Police speculate the robber saw the woman pull the money out of her shirt to make her purchase at the gas station.


  • A 20-something man with curly black hair entered a garage on the 800 block of North Harvey Avenue, the evening of June 12, and stole a red Honda lawnmower. The man then ransacked an unlocked vehicle in the garage before fleeing in a dark red vehicle, north on Division, with $200 worth of items.
  • Someone entered a garage the evening of June 12 on the 900 block of Mapleton through the overhead door and stole a lawnmower and leafblower worth $285, total.
  • A burglar somehow gained entry to a garage on the 500 block of North Taylor between June 12 and 13, stealing a black lawnmower worth $300.
  • Someone broke a rear basement window of a home on the 1200 block of South Ridgeland, the afternoon or evening of June 15, gaining entry to the home. Once inside, the burglar ransacked the dining room and bedrooms, taking various jewels. The victim wasn’t able to provide an accurate account of the missing items. Damages to the window are estimated at $20.
  • Someone noticed a large purple truck with a partial license plate of 5949T parked in front of his garage on the 1100 block of South Lombard June 17 around 3 a.m. A white, 30-year-old, 6-foot-2 man allegedly exited the victim’s garage, fleeing south in the truck at a high speed. The victim discovered his garage door was forced open and a lawnmower and weed-whacker were stolen. Damages and losses are estimated at $270.
    Deputy Chief Robert Scianna said the yard tool thefts were more than likely unrelated, they just tend to increase in the summer because lawnmowers and garden tools are easier to sell and more desirable.

Criminal damage

  • Someone poured sugar in the gas tank of a vehicle parked in the rear of the 1000 block of North Harlem during the morning of June 12, causing $400 in damage.
  • Someone broke the front driver’s window of a 1999 Honda with a piece of flagstone, between the evening of June 13 and the morning of June 14, while it was parked on the 200 block of North Grove, causing $100 in damage.
  • Linda Dixson, 27, of the 100 block of South Harvey, threatened to damage a woman’s car after a dispute over money on the 600 block of South Austin. Later on, during the early morning of June 15, the victim found a cracked windshield and large gouge on her Dodge Neon, parked on the 100 block of South Harvey. When officers came to the scene, Dixson admitted to throwing a piece of concrete at the windshield multiple times until it broke. She was arrested and later discovered to have a small bag of leafy green substance, possibly marijuana.
  • Someone used a sharp object to scratch a line along all four doors of a car the afternoon of June 16 while it was parked in the lot on the 900 block of North Boulevard. Damages are estimated at $300.
  • Sometime between June 16 and 17, someone scratched the driver’s side door and punctured the rear tire of a car parked on the 100 block of South Harvey. Damages are estimated at $500.

Indecent exposure

A thin man in his late 20s/early 30s, drove up to an 8-year-old Oak Park girl at a lemonade stand on the 1100 block of Gunderson, the afternoon of June 14, and asked for a glass of juice. He then flashed his genitals to the girl and her other two female friends-one 9, the other 10-before driving off in his turquoise Ford Explorer SUV. He had short, light brown hair and a large flame-like tattoo on his upper left arm.

Retail theft

Derrick Hutcherson, 49, of the 100 block of North Kilbourn, Chicago, was stopped on the 1100 block of Lake Street, the early afternoon of June 12, because he matched the description of someone who just stolen merchandise from the Oak Park Borders Books. When searched, Hutcherson allegedly was found with $1,189 in stolen items. He was arrested and charged with felony retail theft.


An Oak Park juvenile was riding his bike on the 700 block of Lake, the afternoon of June 13, when three teenagers approached, ramming one of their bikes into the boy’s. One teenager allegedly grabbed the boy’s arm, raised his own fist and threatened to punch him if he didn’t hand over his bike. A second teenager hopped on the $90 Harley Davidson BMX bike and the three robbers fled east on Lake.


  • Three men stole four saws, worth $3,500, from the back of a truck, the afternoon of June 11, while it was parked on the 1000 block of Thomas. They fled north on Marion Street in a white van with no license plates.
  • A thief cut the lock on an outside storage unit sometime between June 12 and 13 on the 200 block of North Linden, stealing a belt sander, socket set and jigsaw worth $315, total.
  • Someone entered an unlocked storage unit on the 200 block of North Austin between May 31 and June 14 and stole two air-conditioners worth $300, total.
  • A 20-year-old man entered a yard on the 1100 block of South Cuyler, the evening of June 14, and stole a $200 black grill, placing it in the trunk of his older looking vehicle and fleeing northbound down the alley.

Theft of motor vehicle

  • Someone stole a white 1995 Ford Econoline van-containing tools and two ladders-from the 600 block of South Oak Park Avenue the late afternoon of June 11 by using a key left under the driver’s side floor mat. Losses are estimated at $7,660.
  • Someone stole a white 1996 Jeep Cherokee from a rear parking lot on the 400 block of South Euclid during the afternoon of June 17. Losses are estimated at $5,000.

These items were obtained from police reports filed by the Oak Park and River Forest police departments from June 11 through June 17. Not all incidents that occurred are listed. Anyone named in reports has only been charged with a crime and cases have not been adjudicated.

-Compiled by Marty Stempniak

Crime Plus

Bike thefts continue

As usual at this time of year, a lot of bikes were stolen-at least 12 in the past week in Oak Park. Four were taken from garages, three from front yards, three from backyards, one from a bike rack, and one was snatched away after a threat. The bikes were estimated to be worth $980, total. One bike was recovered and returned to its owner.

A little bit of this, a lot of that

Burglars in Oak Park this past week went after pretty much anything: copper sprinkler piping, a car battery, a catalytic converter, a motorcycle license plate. One burglar broke a $152 car window to steal $2 in change

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