Reflecting on the One View in the May 23 Viewpoints, titled, “Is gay sex immoral?” the authors expressed concern that there are other issues that should otherwise be addressed. This attitude in my opinion does have much truth and merit. Although advocating the need to do so, they failed to address their own main issue in depth. I also believe it is relevant, and will attempt to directly address it as they suggested:

I believe the morality of sex has less to do with “how” it is executed and more to do with “why” it is executed. Sex should be an expression of love that is filled with devotion and commitment. While I do not believe in “gay marriage,” I do believe in the legal recognition of committed relationships, regardless of sexual orientation. I’d like to see a constitutional amendment remove the term “marriage” from every law in our federal, state, and local governments and replace it with “legal partnerships,” preferably not “civil union,” because the term “union” is too suggestive of sex. The state could then only establish legal partnerships without reference to sex.

References to sex and marriage do not belong in the realm of our legal system. Those references belong in the Church. Marriage belongs to the concept of procreation and the natural heterosexual relationship. Does this mean homosexuality is immoral and should be banned, or is unnatural? If we could ban Original Sin, I’d say yes. But sexuality is a very personal issue and the sin associated with it has more to do with the “why” rather than the “how.”

I believe everyone should have a legal right to designate their own orientation, without fear of condemnation. Our human nature is not some pure and perfect form of nature. It is imperfect, and I feel sorry for homosexuals more than I feel hate or condemnation for them–particularly when their sex is expressed privately and accompanied with love and commitment. Homosexuals are trapped in an orientation for which their bodies are not designed to fulfill that expression. “Unnatural” acts, in my mind, are best described as any form of sex conducted out of mere physical satisfaction, and/or mental or physical domination, lacking true fondness and devotion.

The “how” of sexual morality is very personal, and it is best left between each person and his or her God–not to the state, any more than religious belief itself should involve the state. The “why” of sexual-related sin is more obvious. I think a careful review of the Bible regarding sexual sin will show that the “why” is a much more important aspect in determining sin than the “how.”

George Thompson
Oak Park

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