It was quite a shock yesterday when we opened a letter from the Parking Services Department, informing us that, instead of $5 per car to park on our 8-10 a.m. restricted street, that it was to now cost $50. The feeling was similar to last year when we received a 45% percent increase in our property taxes.

This increase of 10 times the original has obviously nothing to do with incrementally rising costs, and is simply another example of this board’s ineptness in controlling costs and their attempt to balance the budget on the backs of the taxpayers instead of the backs of the vendors and employees doing business with the village.

We can walk around town and show you many examples of ways that you could control costs, but you’re supposed to be doing that for us. That’s what we pay you for.

We can assure you that we will not pay $50 per car for the privilege of parking in front of our own house.

Martin Dunlavey
Oak Park

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