Look out North Avenue, your turn is coming.

I live near Chicago Avenue. Last year it was torn up all summer as they ripped out pavement and excavated parkways. They put in a lot of brick paving and a second set of street lights. And they put in strange black fences.

Some of the strange black fences don’t enclose anything. Some of them seem to mark a boundary between private property and the sidewalk. But the weird black fences are in rectangles or triangles in the parkway. They are too short to keep people out. But they don’t have gates to allow access by lawnmowers.

I mow the grass on the parkway adjacent to my house (I also plant the grass and fertilize it and water it). But on Chicago Avenue they have weeds. The weeds are growing out of control in their weed corals.

How is all this an improvement? It looks like blight to me.

Allen Matthews
Oak Park

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