Bill Dwyer’s story, dated May 2, on the sale of illegal IDs coming out of the “Little Village,” touched on some of the problem. The biggest concern with it, people are able to change their identities and begin a long trail of acquiring legitimate identities with the fake ones.

This has been a problem for years, and isn’t an easy thing to shut down. At the time I rode with a Chicago tact team, there were only two officers who were working the area, and even for two dedicated officers, there needs to be much more effort with law agencies to damp it down.

A few years back, illegal immigrants would get their set of a driver’s license and a Social Security card, but the problem with the Social Security card was matching the number to the name that was issued by the Social Security Administration.

Social Security numbers are stolen with the names of real people. The names are being used on the phony IDs, making the ID holders much more difficult to catch on an individual basis.

Oak Park and River Forest students are only a drop in the bucket. Students both in high school and college come from miles away to buy them so they can purchase alcohol from stores and get into clubs.
Bill Maxwell
Oak Park

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