The family of Kathleen Garrigan has announced a fundraiser to support the ongoing search efforts to find her or recover her body. Garrigan, an AmeriCorps volunteer, disappeared a week ago Sunday while canoeing with two colleagues on Harding Lake in Alaska.

The fundraiser, which was organized by Garrigan’s friends and cousins, will feature food, drinks and live music, will be held from 6 to 9 p.m at the Carleton Hotel, 1110 Pleasant St. A donation of $40 per person is asked.

Garrigan’s sister, Elizabeth McNeilly said the money will be deposited in a fund at Community Bank, then disbursed by her father, Tom, who is on site in Alaska monitoring the ongoing search operations for his daughter.

“There have been many groups that have come forward and have been helping,” said McNeilly. Those people require food and fuel and equipment, among other things.

People wishing to donate money may also contact Community Bank directly and contribute to the Kathleen Garrigan Volunteer Fund. Contact Sean Olis at 708/660-1000.

McNeilly stressed that public awareness and support is crucial to keeping any search operation going. There had been talk early on, she said, about ending the search last Thursday after two days.

“We don’t want them to just stop looking,” she said. “The goal is to keep the search going as long as possible each day, day after day. The more support and attention this gets, the better, because we don’t want them to stop.”

McNeilly also said that rumors of a second body being found were just that, only rumors.

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