You tall ones find us so annoying,
and dread our multi-year deploying.
But if you’ll consider
this insect adage,
We can work
toward mutual advantage.
My shell is not just a crunchy hassle
but a near-generational
time capsule!
And my remembrances of yore
could help you giants
settle old scores.
Sure I’m louder than a sonic boom;
I make a call,
then “get a room.”
And while that don’t leave me time to spare,
I can’t help but notice how your world has fared.
First, I can’t ignore the fact,
that when I submerged,
you were fighting Iraq.
Have you yet achieved your finest hour
by re-invading that third-rate power?
After my 17-year rest,
I kinda thought I’d see progress.
Another 1990 pursuit
was to find a petroleum substitute.
Gas-guzzling cars
you pledged to reduce.
Sure, MY head’s been buried
but what’s YOUR excuse?
And what’s up with this heat?
Is it greenhouse gases?
Will my next generation
need pool passes?
By then will Disney World
have become Atlantis?
a once-landbound relic
swamped by melted ice masses?
But crediting where credit’s due,
for tech advances
I applaud you.
Back then who knew
about the Internet?
And no one surfed
without getting wet!
With access at your fingertips,
just “click, click, click”
and the product ships!
You no longer need
to go outside.
So leave the garden to me
until I hide.
And if you’re still around
when my kids arise
and wipe the sleep
from their big red eyes
let’s hope they can report
that next time finds us better,
not something less.
Dan Duffy
Oak Park

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