We have been a little surprised and certainly delighted by the number of people who have told us over the last year that they have watched village board meetings on our government access channel, TV 6. People have told us that they usually don’t watch the whole meeting, but do watch parts of meetings regularly and like the ability to have firsthand knowledge of what is happening in local government without having to plan a whole evening or, for some, get a babysitter and go to village hall.

The VMA values transparency in government and sees the televised live broadcasts as an invaluable communication tool between the village and the community. We urge people to keep watching.

It has occurred to us, and we strongly believe, that the community would greatly benefit from having other governmental bodies televise their board and committee meetings as well. Informed citizens are a huge benefit to our community. Therefore, in the spirit of intergovernmental cooperation and community education, we ask District 97, District 200 and the Park District of Oak Park to give favorable consideration to putting their board and significant committee meetings on television so that our citizens can have easy access to the information that is provided at those meetings.

Bob Kane
VMA president

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