Last week a friend of ours, who grew up in Oak Park, and her husband came back to visit. In order to better experience all that Oak Park had to offer and to be closer to the many people they wished to spend time with, they chose to stay at the Wright Inn. The accommodations and treatment they received while staying there were absolutely horrible. I am not going to run through all the details, but it involved closet-sized and dirty rooms, broken air conditioners and sealed windows, and no hot water. But the worst thing of all was the lack of consideration and total disregard for their comfort and satisfaction that the staff and management showed. There were actually jokes being uttered, by the staff, about “what a dump this place really is.” And theirs was not an isolated incident. On many occasions, when they re-entered the lobby, they would overhear other guests at the front desk complaining about their own predicaments.

I must say, it was one of the few times in the more than 30 years I have lived in this village that I was embarrassed to be associated with it. Many times, we hear discussions about how Oak Park is losing out on tourism dollars because of the lack of accommodations available. I think maybe our business associations and village commissions should be more involved in the monitoring and licensing of the precious few rooms we do have to offer. I know, after hearing about our friend’s ordeal, I would not recommend this establishment to anyone seeking lodging in Oak Park. And that’s more than a shame.

John J. Kehoe
Oak Park

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