I really don’t see how the mall re-development will affect walking habits at all [Marion mall shows OP is out of touch with planet, Viewpoints, May 9]. Does anyone really go there to exercise walk on a half block of concrete? If you live within walking distance of downtown, you’re not going to say, “Hey, since I can drive the half-a-block between Marion and North Boulevard, I think I’ll get in the car.” Also, if you live in the southeast corner of Oak Park and drive to downtown and park by Old Navy for example, you are not going to get in your car so that you can drive to either Pumpkin Moon or to get dinner at Bar Louie.

Also, regarding the trees, yes it’s sad they are being cut down but as I understand it, they are planting at least as many new trees as they destroyed. Is that not acceptable?

Lastly, if new development means a more vibrant downtown with more attractive businesses, more money coming to and staying in Oak Park, how can that be bad? As sad as it sounds, people do a lot of window shopping from their cars and not being able to drive by the stores on the mall has hurt them. Personally, places like Bar Louie and Chipotle are welcome additions for me and my family, and I look forward to the change. I highly doubt it’s going to change how the vast majority of people get around downtown Oak Park.

Loren Andersen
Submitted at WednesdayJournalOnline.com

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