Is it vacation yet? Sorry, we know we should stop asking, but we’re having trouble concentrating this week. As soon as the weather begins to treat us kindly, we are seized by wanderlust. We want to go someplace where no one knows us. Got any travel plans yet? Will you tell us about them in detail so we can close our eyes and enjoy them vicariously?

At least the cicadas are coming. We love that sound. We can’t get over the niggling suspicion, however, that there’s also a downside to the insects that, after 17 years, we’re forgetting. So we’re going to Trailside Museum, 738 Thatcher Ave., River Forest (366-6530), for their program on The Return of the Cicada on Sunday, May 20, at 1 p.m. But if we start hearing things we’d rather not know, we’ll just let our cooped-up imagination have its way and teleport ourselves to a beach somewhere.

What’s Blooming on Harrison? is this weekend, of course, Friday through Sunday, May 18 through May 20, along Harrison Street from Austin Boulevard to Ridgeland Avenue ( We’ll be there with bells on, traipsing gaily through galleries, pausing to hear outdoor music or to grab a snack. Please don’t greet us if you see us; we’re going to be pretending we’re in California, and you don’t live in California, do you? Unless you’re on vacation, too. Hey! What a coincidence!

There sure are a lot of school concerts going on at the moment, speaking of daydreaming. We’re going to our third one in a week tonight. We’re probably the worst audience member ever. All we care about is our own children. When we can’t see them we just close our eyes and picture Paris.

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