How does one describe the bile in those who continue to attack Dr. Barry Greenwald and Dr. Attila Weninger, our new superintendent? They don’t know Dr. Weninger, probably never talked to him. And, Barry, well, he’s just their devil.

Dante had a special place for those whose anger twisted their judgment so cruelly. As he crosses the Styx into the fifth circle, Dante sees people who are covered in the swamp’s slime. They are “all naked and their faces furious.”

These struck each other not with hands alone,
but with their heads and chests and with their feet,and tore each other piecemeal with their teeth.The kindly master told me: ‘Son, now we seethe souls of those whom anger has defeated;
and I should also have you know for certain
that underneath the water there are souls
who sigh and make this plain of water bubble,
as your eye, looking anywhere can tell.’

These last souls are the sullen and the bitter.

So take heart, Barry–and all those in our community who have given so much for so many years in honest public service. You will still be serving our community long after this little mob has dispersed and left.
Thomas Amato
River Forest

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