Questions after April 17 Oak Park village board trustee election:

If we have an integrated community, why were all the trustee candidates white?

Are we a progressive community when 8,087 voted out of 33,775 registered voters (23 percent)?

Will we be playing “Can you top this?” now that the VMA has spent more than $70,000 on the 2007 campaign?

How can President Pope call himself “independent,” whose dictionary definition means “free from the influence, control, or determination of another others?” (In previous elections, the VMA supported him and his recent trustee replacement was a former VMA trustee and he endorsed the recent VMA candidates.)

Do present and former trustees assume responsibility for President Pope’s statement of overturned “ugly rocks” at village hall in addition to the bungle citing a HUD $300,000 fine? Mismanagement and malfeasance are sad and serious and more than a “shortcoming” at village hall.

Need we change our form of government to permit President Pope to assume the role of Mayor as he micro-manages village hall (everyday sightings of him at village hall, for hours at a time, continue to escalate)?

Is it OK to declare Mike Fox the public member of the Joint Review Board for DTOP TIF when he is an Elmhurst resident, DTOP president and owner of Oak Park buildings?

Where is the investigation of our crumbling, potholed streets and the obvious inferior road material? What about a contest to name the worst Oak Park street? It is a joke to read that Community Development Block Grants are kept by the village for street improvements.

Who will reap the karma from cutting down 20 mature trees on the Marion Street mall?

How much traffic congestion can we take on Lake Street?

Why has village hall had no commercial building inspector?

We deserve transparent, honest, good government without another layering technique of community-wide planning teams. We already have underused commissions, boards and committees.

Barbara Alexander Mullarkey
Oak Park

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