Do you work like a rabbit, or like a turtle? Do you rush through tasks like a leafblower, getting the job done but perhaps leaving a leaf or two unswept? Or, like us, do you take your time to do it right, so that the final product is wrapped up tight with a bow but you have a migraine? Rabbits, you can skip the following, go outside and run off all that excess energy. Fellow turtles, listen to this.

The importance of naps is the title of a lecture by Fred Dust, subtitled “Space Matters,” which rounds out the break::the::box lecture series sponsored by the Unity Temple Restoration Foundation at Unity Temple (383-8873). We will be in attendance at this event on Thursday, May 3, from 7 to 9 p.m., not only because of our abiding affection for naps, but also because Mr. Dust will allegedly explain to us “why less time may yield better results.” In other words, we turtles will get a rabbit talk.

Having thus learned on Thursday how to save time, by Saturday morning we’ll have crossed off everything on our “To Do” list and be looking for action. Thankfully, the Koi and Water Gardening Trade Show runs Friday through Sunday at the Darien Sportsplex (312/409-2081). In our previous, maddeningly thorough existence, we would not have taken the time to drive to Darien, not to mention we thought koi was something to eat. But time on the hands breeds curiosity in the heart, so come Saturday we shall be Darien-bound. Inasmuch as it’s a trade show, and plenty of local residents have koi ponds, we plan to take our old watering hose and that box of cereal that no one likes to swap. We’ll let you know what koi is when we get back.

See Kristin Gehring’s wrap-up of this weekend’s whirlwind of activities in LifeLines.

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