The demolition of the historic house across from West Suburban Hospital has begun today. I watched the beginnings of this process as I was out walking my dog this morning. It is sad to see yet another beautiful open space disappear from Oak Park to make way for more construction. I will miss the beautiful trees (now gone) and passing by this area and seeing people playing frisbee, reading on a blanket on a quiet Sunday afternoon, sitting with a young child, or romping with their dogs. Open spaces allow for the mind to open and wander and for us to touch base with ourselves. I’m attaching a picture of the demolition in it’s early stages and the only remaining vegetation (probably now torn out by the time I write this)–a low wide bush that was the home of many families of rabbits over the years I have lived here. There is something so sad about the loss of open space in which we can touch down into ourselves and “be.”
Name withheld on request

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