Looking for a way to live “greener?” Head up to the northwest student parking lot at Triton College on Saturday, April 28 between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m., and turn in your dirty, old, noisy, highly-polluting, nerve-fraying, gas-powered lawnmower. Chuck Dressel of Dressel’s Hardware is partnering with the Village of Oak Park and the West Cook County Solid Waste Agency to make it worth your while. Dressel says if you turn in your gas mower, you’ll get an instant rebate of $150 on an electric ($90 with rebate) or cordless battery-operated mower ($285 with the rebate).

Dressel, who stopped selling gas mowers six years ago, says he is now one of the top sellers of Black & Decker electrics in the country. On April 28, he expects to sell 150 because of the rebate program.

Gas-powered chainsaws, leafblowers, and weed-whackers will net you a $50 rebate toward an electric or battery-powered version.

With all the attention to global warming, Dressel says, the mower buyback program is particularly timely.

“It’s not the biggest thing you can do,” he notes, “but it’s something you can do.” According to the EPA, Dressel says, eliminating 1,000 gas mowers is equivalent to removing 230 cars from the road.

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