“Enough Vitriol” [Our Views, Viewpoints, April 18] is a classic case of what psychologists call projection–ignoring an undesirable trait you possess while noticing and strongly reacting to that same trait in another. Or, in other words, it’s the pot calling the kettle black.

Dan Haley regularly uses vitriol in his columns. To quote from the editorial, I ask, how much does Mr. Haley contribute to bringing “Oak Park politics to the sorry state in which we find ourselves.” Haley’s “divisive ways must be marginalized.” “A line has been crossed …” with Haley’s “penchant for personalizing.”

A number of times I’ve written to WJ about the way Mr. Haley has been vitriolic against numerous individuals from Bernard Abraham (circa 2000) to Robert Milstein (2007). I see no change. I’d suggest Mr. Haley take a course in nonviolent communication (NVC). Since WJ is important to our community, I volunteer to pay for one.

Tom Ard, Village Citizens Alliance

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