I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the many thousands of people who took time out of their schedules to engage in the civic process and vote in the election for members of the Triton College Board of Trustees. I will build upon the work already started in forging consensus on the great many issues that can help move Triton College forward in the 21st century.

For those who voted for me and my coalition partners, I thank you. For everyone, I say that our work is just beginning and we cannot stop to let things go to status quo ante.

I have said on several occasions that in working together, a relationship of trust must be rebuilt from the ground up on all sides. This means that we must all pitch in to help build a better college for our community. We cannot afford the Balkanization of one of our most important resources for economic development in the entire region.

I will do my best to give voice to those who have felt excluded from the process and continue in building a consensus in moving Triton forward. I hope that the continued involvement of all of my neighbors throughout the Western Cook region will make Triton College a stronger institution for all of us.

Thomas Gary, Member-elect, Triton College Board of Trustees

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