As someone who has lived just two blocks from the Marion Street mall for the past 12 years, and is a frequent shopper and visitor to the Marion Street mall area, I am surprised that after the decision and plan has been approved for this restructuring that candidates were running on this issue of saving the mall. It is just too late to put the horse back in the barn. The plan is moving ahead, and I firmly believe it is going to be a wonderful change for our downtown.

There are many days that walking along the mall I am practically the only person in sight. It is just so quiet and empty along that stretch, especially during colder months and weekdays, that I don’t see how we can justify keeping something so underutilized. I also think opening up Marion Street to connect the South Boulevard shops and condos will add a refreshing link to the downtown.

As someone who favors street parking over using garages, and who for quick trips to the florist/bread store/wine store/bank etc. loves to find a spot on the street, I am glad that the street parking will expand. I am a big proponent of what this plan will do to help energize this downtown area and can’t wait to see it become a reality!
Melanie Weiss
Oak Park

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