Dear Longfellow students in Mr. Podlasek’s, Mr. Naber’s, Ms. Lambshead’s and Ms. Creticos’s second grade classes:

Thank you so much for your generous donation to the Oak Park Education Foundation! We were so surprised and honored to receive the $561 check that you sent to us from the proceeds of your Kindness Market Day. You must have made some fabulous things in order to bring in that much money from students and parents. It sounds like a great project to learn about economics while having some fun too.

We will use the money you’ve donated to buy art supplies and to help bring in more artists to work with you. Just to let you know, the money that we receive from people also helps us operate three other programs that are available to yourselves and other kids like you in grades 3-8.

Global Village is a program where scientists visit and spend time working with students in the classroom, while Architecture Adventure brings visiting architects to school to spend time with students, teaching them all about designing different structures. And another cool program is called Vex Robotics. This is a club for middle school students where they learn to build and program actual robots. In addition, we sponsor a very fun competition between our two middle schools to see who can make the highest functioning robots.

Your donation is very special because it is not only an investment in yourselves and your school, but it’s also an investment in children throughout our entire school district. Because of other generous donations from people just like you, over the years, we’ve been able to reach almost 25,000 students with our programs.

Finally, your gift is also very meaningful to us because it encourages other people to donate to us. And the more contributions we receive, the more money we are able to devote to what we consider a very important resource in our village: our students.

Once again, thank you all for your kindness and generosity.

Deb Abrahamson
Executive director, Oak Park Education Foundation

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