I have been a full-time faculty member at Triton College for the past 25 years and am chair of the Academic Senate and chair of the Mathematics Department. I have seen Triton go through many transformations, both for the better and the worse. Currently, we all have a great opportunity to help Triton move in a positive direction and away from the terrible headlines that have recently been in the news. The upcoming elections on April 17 include voting for trustees for the Triton College board.

Irene Moskal Del Giudice and Al McKinnor need your vote.

Voters have an opportunity to elect candidates who clearly serve the best interest of the district and the more than 17,000 students who attend the college. These candidates have the full endorsement of the Triton Faculty Association. I personally endorse both Irene Moskal Del Giudice and Al McKinnor, and believe that we can make a difference with the election of these two board members.

Irene is a board member since 1989. She has single-handedly tried to fight the practices that have put Triton College into a very unfavorable light. She cannot do this alone. Joining her on the ballot is Al McKinnor. Al is a retired Triton faculty member. His service to the college ensures that he is well informed on the issues at hand. He is ready to help turn around a campus climate which is at an all-time low.

Thus, I urge you to support both Irene Moskal Del Giudice and Al McKinnor on April 17. You can be the vote that makes the difference for the entire college district. It is critical to the good health of Triton College that we elect board members who are able to undo many of the practices that have put Triton College into a state of concern.

Ellen O’Connell, Ph.D.
River Forest

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