As residents and active participants and volunteers in the village for 36 years, we have seen many changes, most of which have been for the better. We are confident that the election of the candidates endorsed by the Citizens for Progressive Action is our best choice as we pursue good, effective and open government, and we are delighted that Jan Pate is one of the candidates. Jan is enthusiastic, talented, knowledgeable, cooperative and energetic. Our observation and experience is that she energizes others to do their best work.

In her two years as the director of development at the West Cook YMCA, she has worked cooperatively with the staff and volunteers and helped re-energize us as we pursue our mission to serve the children, families and communities in our service area. Her broad international experience, disciplined organizational abilities, and business acumen are just what we need as Oak Park continues its development and leadership in service to its residents. Her election, along with the election of her running mates, will give Oak Park the best governmental team to lead and with which to work.

Their election will bring to the village trustees and governmental leadership committed individuals whose talents are unequaled, whose knowledge and understanding of the history of this unique community is accurate and whose commitment to good government and a bright future for Oak Park is unequaled.

Though their individual gifts are important, of equal importance is their ability to work together. Their commitment to the task and cooperative style is evident in their persons, the way they are conducting themselves and their campaign. The qualities of commitment, style, conduct, knowledge of and suggestions for addressing issues has generated confidence in and great and generous support for their election and leadership as trustees.

We are delighted to endorse Jan Pate, Ray Johnson, Jon Hale and John Hedges and encourage other villagers to support them as well.

E. Dolores Register
Former director of Multicultural Education, District 97

Rev. Donald Register
Former chair of the West Cook YMCA board

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