The current village board plans to destroy the Marion Street mall and put in a street. Once this happens, the out-of-town property owners will sell their property for condemnation and condo construction will certainly follow. We want to keep the Marion mall. We don’t want or need more condos. Unfortunately, the VMA and NLP slates favor restreeting. Only the VCA “All a-Board to Save the Mall” slate of Abraham, Balanoff, Schwab, and Milstein want to save the mall. With four of the seven seats up for election, the only way the mall will be saved is for all four of these qualified people to be elected. Together they have 125 years of public service to Oak Park. They have served on an astounding 14 boards and commissions. Please vote on April 17 for the “All a-Board to Save the Mall” candidates.
Rick and Marion Richardson, Oak Park


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