We’ve all heard Plato’s quote, “the measure of a man is what he does with power.” With a nod to a great philosopher, I would add, “one measure of a parent is how his or her kids turn out.” By this criteria, I will vote for Yasmin Ranney, who is running for District 200 Board of Education.

Yasmin is my neighbor, and I have known of her community involvement and activism for some time. But it is through her children that I have gotten to really know her values and abilities. Her daughter, Nadia, provided child care for my family last summer and was one of the most reliable, responsible, and empowering caretakers I have had the pleasure to work with. Yasmin’s youngest son, Zane, would fill in for Nadia, and has become a patient, supportive math tutor for one of my children. The fact that these two young people are positive role models is something that my children and I can actually agree on. I have not employed Yasmin’s eldest child, Shabazz, but I have witnessed his musical genius and can surmise that he is just as remarkable as his siblings.

As a parent, I know that any child is their own person, with some traits that are “hardwired” by nature. But nurture plays a key role, too, and based on the harvest of talent I see down the block, Yasmin Ranney and her husband are doing something very right. It is this type of parent I would like to see on the Dist. 200 Board of Education.
Sheila Black Haennicke, Oak Park

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