I’d like to tell you about my friend Janet Kelenson. Janet is running for re-election to the Oak Park Library Board. You would probably expect a library board member to be good at doing her homework, and she is very good at that.  What you might not know is that Janet is also an experienced builder.

For example, I think most people take the new main branch of the Oak Park Public Library for granted. With three spacious floors of cutting-edge architecture in our downtown, it’s easy to forget the long tedious creative process prior to its construction. Who spearheaded that complex effort?  My friend Janet.

Also, have you visited the Maze Branch Library since it was rehabbed? It was rebuilt to add badly needed space and make it accessible to everyone. The design was clever, and I’ll bet you can’t tell the new part from the old. Who worked hard for all of us to make the new Maze a reality? My friend Janet.

These two projects demanded hard work and creativity. Janet Kelenson will continue to build relationships with other boards and make our libraries the best in the country.

I’m voting for Janet Kelenson in the upcoming consolidated election. I hope you will too.

Tim Kelly, Oak Park

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