This spring, Oak Park voters have an opportunity to select from a broad list of candidates to help shape the future of this community.

As a former Oak Park resident whose family roots date to 1917 when my grandparents moved from the West Side of Chicago to purchase a home on South Oak Park Avenue, I remain very much connected to the village.

Most weekends, my wife and I take long walks through Oak Park during visits with my mother, one of the more spirited active residents at Holly Court Terrace. Many weekdays I’m at the West Cook YMCA where I serve as a communications consultant. It’s at the Y that I’ve met one of the more qualified candidates for public office–Jan Pate.

Jan has a wealth of life experiences that provide her with a great platform for service as an Oak Park village trustee: Journalist; local government communications specialist; U.S. Methodist Committee relief worker in Kosovo; volunteer chair of Florence, S.C. YMCA board; national YMCA staff at an international level, and most recently at the West Cook Y on South Marion Street, where she heads up the organization’s financial development efforts.

I’ve come to know Jan as a creative, thoughtful and caring person who thinks clearly and who supports her convictions with passion. Were I still an Oak Park resident, I would cast my vote for Jan Pate for village trustee.

Richard Barry

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