I’m writing to support the April 17 re-election of Barry Greenwald to the District 200 school board, and to ask for citizens’ support by voting for him.

There are so many critical issues coming up for the high school in these next four years:

One of the most important will be the new superintendent transition. The high school will be experiencing much reorganization with both a new superintendent and a new principal. The continuity that Dr. Greenwald will provide is invaluable, ensuring that everyone will experience the benefits of the transition with as little turmoil and ill-effect as possible.

Another will be to rethink the current discipline system so that it has the best and most appropriate impact on our students’ education. Dr. Greenwald has seen the current system for the last four years and is open to re-thinking this system.

The achievement level of all students needs to be raised–a critical, difficult and complex challenge for our whole community. In order to do that, relevant research is much needed to give data about our current level and where improvements are needed, and the research needs to be designed and interpreted for our specific situation. Dr. Greenwald will encourage research that provides these kinds of data.

Finally, Dr. Greenwald will be alert to areas where teachers will profit from professional development experiences. As an award-winning teacher, he understands the joys and challenges of teaching. As a clinical psychologist, he understands the different ways in which students learn.

Please vote for Barry Greenwald so he can serve us as the high school moves into the future.

Alice Graubart, Oak Park

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