I recently had the opportunity to co-host a coffee for the Citizens for Progressive Action slate. Two members of that slate, John Hedges and Jon Hale, live in my neighborhood. Knowing them as neighbors I have been able to develop a trust that they truly have the skill and leadership qualities to bring Oak Park forward. I have always enjoyed listening to John Hedges share his perspective on Oak Park history with me. As the executive director of the Park District he knows where Oak Park has been and has good insight about how we can improve as a village. Jon Hale started a group called Forum Oak Park where he gathered people to discuss what they feel Oak Park needs. His dedication to Oak Park is impressive.

When I met their two running mates Ray Johnson and Jan Pate, I was immediately impressed with both of them. Ray Johnson presented the key issues they will focus on with a lot of clarity, zoning in on a few issues that can make a big difference for Oak Park, such as a friendlier environment for small business and a coherent plan for the downtown business district. He portrayed confidence in his ability to help the Oak Park board make timely decisions. When Jan Pate walked into the room the whole room became brighter. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. I found her to be very approachable.

Individually, these people would add a lot to our village board, but together they have a working chemistry that will go a long way in getting things done in a timely fashion. They have what it takes to turn Oak Park back into the vital thriving community it deserves to be.

Marcia Schattauer, Oak Park


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