Whoever came up with the description of the Oak Park Barbie clearly doesn’t know what they’re talking about [Oak Park Barbie? Inside Report, Feb. 14].

Oak Park Barbie likes to talk about all the wonderful things she’s done to improve the world, but sadly those were all several years ago and she’s been running her mouth ever since. She has a lot of token ethnic friends. She carries poster board and markers with her so she can make signs espousing whatever popular ideal she’s taken up this week. And parking tickets … she carries a lot of those.

She drives a Toyota Prius, because she thinks it’s up to her to save the environment and be an example for the rest of the world. She needs that car because there really aren’t a lot of shops that appeal to her locally, and she has to drive to other towns to do her shopping. Her “dream house” is actually an overpriced condo/townhouse that looks like every other new development in town. Unfortunately, many of her friends who have lived alongside her in Oak Park for years have moved away to dream houses in other towns because of the high taxes.

But that is just the price you pay for the “privilege” of being an Oak Park Barbie.

Phil Soell, Wednesday Journal employee

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