Under every great candidate rests a great platform. In fact, under every bad candidate rests a great platform. Leaving good and bad aside for the moment, Vision [visible? tunnel-? clear-sighted? “Vision” is NOT an adjective.] Community Action (Milstein Balanoff Schwab Abraham) favor:

?#34; support for small businesses all over OP

?#34; historic preservation and “appropriate” development

?#34; an end to “inappropriate” tear-downs and too-big development

?#34; “responsible” stewardship of funds torn from property-owners’ hands ?#34; oops, “public monies”

?#34; “cooperative” labor-union negotiations and contract enforcement at Village Hall

?#34; saving the Marion mall and making it even better

?#34; repairing “crumbling” streets (basic govt. services, but “crumbling”?)

?#34; adopting the National Trust Main Street Program (with “crumbling” it’s aching to be explained)

?#34; “adaptive reuse” of historic commercial buildings (beginning to look a lot like Colt bldg.)

?#34; new design requirements for new multi-family & commercial buildings (such as?)

?#34; Fair enforcement of building codes to prevent demolition by neglect (vs. unfair?)

?#34; a wonderful, pedestrian-friendly downtown (hear, hear)

Some cautious observations:

1. Opposing restreetment of Marion mall will be reversal of recent 5-1 vote which found alone this slate’s only incumbent member and its by far highest-profile member, R. Milstein, whose earlier board majority evaporated mostly because of resignations of first-termers who joined the board as part of the anti-VMA sweep last time. Not a good sign.

2. The Marion mall issue would be Colt Bldg Revisited if this slate takes the prize on April 17, not Tasty Dog, as some have envisioned.

3. Otherwise, the platform fits with an assessment of this slate as pro-union and suspicious of development.

4. Finally, this site misspells Annabel Abraham’s first name. Tsk, tsk.

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