Spent my first hour on the porch swing Tuesday after dinner. Anything sweeter?

Soon my wife joined me. And, then, in the greatest signal of spring, our daughter left the TV set, came outside and asked to play baseball.

Soon we were meeting a new neighbor (with son and dog), talking to neighbors we haven’t seen since pre-Halloween.

So, even as we wait for the temps to plummet today, I’m grateful for the warmth and for the early Daylight Savings Time.

Had to run an errand later in the evening and was astounded by how many folks were out and about. Kids back on their bikes, dogs getting walked, clusters of neighbors hooking up all over east Oak Park. What a sight.

The lawn sign battle has also begun for the village elections now five weeks away. The VMA slate was clearly busy over the weekend as they raced to an early lead with their Johnson, Hale, Pate, Hedges signs. No visible mention of the VMA on those signs as you drive by. But by Tuesday evening, the NLP was in the game with signs that sell the party name. And Ralph Lee, running for the District 200 board, was also making his presence known.

What does it all mean? Partly it reflects which party has the money for the signs. Partly it reflects who has the precinct organization (workers) necessary to plant the signs.

Keep watching.

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Dan Haley

Dan was one of the three founders of Wednesday Journal in 1980. He’s still here as its four flags – Wednesday Journal, Austin Weekly News, Forest Park Review and Riverside-Brookfield Landmark – make...