One of the values of Oak Park for me is its walkability, not driving and parking. An associated value is health, not obesity. Health is increased by the amount of walking one does, not necessarily even at a “health” club, where someone is making money. Walking–to shop, visit the library, use public transportation, and go to church–is a free way to be wholistically engaged in our community. Walking is also an effective way to be a citizen, aware of all that this community, in its natural embodiment, offers everyone. How many places can we choose to be citizen, not consumer?

Let us save the Marion Street Mall which has emerged as a place for citizen interaction, accessibility to human-scale shops and public transportation, and a testament to using less and saving the earth’s resources. We have enough cars and parking for the size of this village.

At Unity Temple UUC, we have a green committee to assess every area of our congregation’s use of energy. We are committed to respecting the earth’s resources. Saving the mall can become emblematic of Oak Park’s values to respect the earth’s resources also.

Mary Rose Lambke
Oak Park

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