The voters of Oak Park have a rare and wonderful opportunity in the coming election. In most elections, we choose among candidates based on their professional credentials, hoping they will transfer professional skills to wisdom and good judgment in public service.

In this election, we could actually elect a candidate who has experience in government, and, better still, experience in Oak Park government.

John Hedges was a department head in Oak Park for five years, and was acting village manager during one transitional period. Until his retirement in 2000, he was the executive director of the park district. Since then, he has remained active in the community, with roles in the Pleasant Home Foundation and the Community Chest. Here’s a candidate who actually knows how things work in Oak Park, with 25 years’ experience in actually making things work.

John Hedges is a thoughtful, consensus-building leader, with decades of experience in the difficult process of governmental decision-making. He deserves our support, and our votes.

Tom Gallagher
Oak Park

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