I am very uhappy with so many shortsighted people who have moved here lately, specifically those who want to end the overnight street parking ban. Forty-four years ago I moved here to Oak Park because of several items; the biggest one was the ban on overnight street parking. I had lived in Chicago before that and had seen what happened when cars became common and people parked on the street at night instead of parking in their garages. We lost the clean streets as well as the ability to have the streets plowed when it snowed.

Here in Oak Park, we had clean streets during the summer since the street sweepers could go from curb to curb and not have to dodge the parked cars. During the winter we had the ability to use the complete street for movement and not just the two ruts like they have in Chicago (and other towns which permit overnight parking, like Cicero, Berwyn, etc.), again because the plows can move down the street from gutter to gutter.

When I moved here, the first thing I did before signing my rental agreement was to obtain overnight parking. Yes it was a bother to have to walk a ways to my apartment from the garage, but my wife and I did it as a part of living where the streets were clean and plowed.

Now some of the people who move in want to turn our town into an area just like the towns of Cicero and Chicago where no one uses their garages unless they cannot find a spot on the street to park. We do not need to change the rules, just appreciate what we now have and keep it that way.

Edward Downs
Oak Park


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