Dear Village Board,

We are very happy to have the new Marion Street project finally come to fruition. We fully support it. In the beginning we were skeptical of the change and made the decision to learn more about it. The main concern from our citizens, it seems, is losing the ambiance that now exists. I don’t know what exists right now to get so excited about really. The new plans contain more opportunities for gathering and strolling with seating and benches throughout. It will be a much more inviting place with plenty of new ambiance. Restaurants can seat outside and planters and trees will make it as inviting as any of our neighborhood streets around town. We learned more about the plans, and we think it will be great.

We hope that the community will support us by continuing to shop at the stores of DTOP despite certain difficulties connected with construction. We will do our best to stay accessible to customers the same way we have done our best to stay viable in Oak Park. We make these things possible together. Let’s stay on the positive side of things and move forward with a beautiful street plan and something new for everyone to enjoy.

John and Gail Eisner
Pumpkin Moon, Scratch ‘n’ Sniff

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