Dear Martha,

Thank you for serving as an Oak Park trustee for 21 months. I appreciate your dedication, integrity and honesty. You acted responsibly in trying to get to the bottom of village expenses. With only one trustee ally, your questions upset other trustees, some staff, property owners and partner agencies. Many village board observers were thinking the thoughts that provoked your questions. For you, residents’ concerns took precedence over those of experts.

You asked questions about ResCorp, which remained unanswered over time. I understand your frustration. In January, the village initially denied me a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for addresses of ResCorp’s buildings. When I asked for a written reason for denial, the 23-building list appeared. Questions and answers are the basis of good government.

In your Jan. 25 resignation speech, you referenced scrutiny of a $750,000 building price and a promise of a $500,000 rehab investment. Under Village of Oak Park Briefs (“$750 K for ResCorp buy,” Feb. 1, 2006) could this be the reference? Did this loan and “upgrade” materialize?

My hope is that you left a “laundry list” of board processes that are supportive of a transparent, accountable government, which also includes less study sessions. Will our trustees follow your views of keeping the heart of the community at the forefront of their agenda and reject special interests?

I wish you health, happiness and a stress-reduced life journey. As the lyrics of a Frank Sinatra song state, you can truthfully say, “I did it my way.” When the Oakee Parkee sitcom surfaces, you could play a pivotal part. I’m proud to know you.

Barbara Alexander Mullarkey
Oak Park

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