With election season upon us, and a deluge of letters on top of us, this seems a propitious time to reduce the word count.

Our limit on “One View” essays has traditionally been 800 words, but we simply don’t have enough space. In order to get more letters published in a timely manner, we’ve decided to reduce the limit to 600 words. That change is permanent. The only exceptions will be for solicited Viewpoints lead pieces. In general, the shorter the letter to the editor, the sooner it will be published. And for those who might be wondering, local issues take precedence over national.

Beginning with this issue, we are offering each of the three village trustee slates (NLP, VCA, and VMA) a chance to submit an editorial piece every week through the April 17 election on an issue of their choice, not to exceed 500 words. You can see the first offerings on page 25.

Letters that have been edited but not yet published will be posted on our website, WednesdayJournal Online.com.

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