I would like to take this opportunity to show my support for Jan Pate for village trustee. Jan served as the City of Florence’s director of public relations from 1987-1994, and the many accomplishments of her tenure are still bearing fruit today. Leading the way in the city’s first television venture, Jan helped establish the Government Access Channel, a local cable channel dedicated to the news and events of local government and the community. Jan oversaw the development and marketing of Freedom Florence, a large, multi-sport complex that continues to be a tournament destination for the nation’s baseball and softball teams. Jan also developed the PR campaign that persuaded pharmaceutical giant Hoffman-LaRoche to build a premier research and manufacturing facility, Roche Carolina, in our area.

As a city employee, Jan worked with every department and learned firsthand about the role elected officials play as policy-makers vs. the role of staff to put the policies into practice. But Jan was also willing to invest her work ethic far beyond the scope of any 9-5 limitations. She served as chair for numerous civic events and organizations, including the Florence Area YMCA, the Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Business Expo, and the United Way’s fundraising campaign. Jan participated in Leadership Florence and Leadership South Carolina, courses that offered an in-depth look at what is expected of a leader in her city and state.

I am more than happy to lend my interest and support to Jan Pate in her current endeavor. Her work ethic and commitment to excellence would be valuable assets to your community.

Frank E. Willis
Mayor, Florence, S.C.

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