Now that the Nov. 7, 2006 congressional elections are over, the usual scramble to determine who will be the presidential candidates for the 2008 election has begun in earnest.

In my opinion, presidential candidates potentially are John McCain and Howard Dean. They could have been their party’s candidates in the 2004 election but were undermined by key party members who did not like the independent positions on important issues by both McCain and Dean.

As it turned out, the 2004 election between George W. Bush and John Kerry turned out to be a disaster for America. They both were for war in Iraq and neither presented a constructive domestic agenda for our country. Wanting to be president is not sufficient, considering the multitude of problems our country faces.

Voters will remember America’s past, sad Bush years and will want a change. Results of the Nov. 7 election indicates that McCain and Dean, by their personalities and histories, offer different positions for debate. A scramble by both political party candidates would be expensive and harmful to their party’s success. Better to support candidates who should have been in the 2004 election, than to wrangle over issues already well known.

By virtue of their experience and dedication, an election between McCain and Dean would be best for America.

William Becic
Oak Park

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