I have lived in Oak Park all of my life. I have enjoyed Petersen’s ice cream all my life. My five children and all of my extended family have enjoyed Petersen’s ice cream. Through the years, our family has enjoyed many lunches and dinners served in the family-friendly atmosphere at Petersen’s.

Petersen’s owner, Daryl Bartelson, showed a very caring attitude toward his costumers when he put a ban on smoking in the restaurant. He risked losing costumers for the betterment of everyone. He was an innovator. This ban took place right when Mr. Bartelson took over Petersen’s Ice Cream five years ago. I have an asthmatic child. I greatly appreciated this smoking ban. Mr. Bartelson showed integrity by taking this action.

My hope is that Petersen’s will be able to stay open. The community needs this family restaurant and sweet shoppe. We must not let Petersen’s close. As a community, we cannot afford to lose Petersen’s Ice Cream and Sweet Shoppe. We must rally around Petersen’s.

Judy Dooley
Oak Park

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