I am incomplete agreement with Mr. Voss [Marion Street mall traffic puts us one step closer to Schaumberg, Viewpoints, Jan. 3] I saw the proposal to open the mall in the OP/FYI newsletter and immediately e-mailed the village.

I hope it’s not too late to change the plan to open up the Marion Street mall to traffic because it won’t enhance downtown Oak Park. It is so nice to see a movie and then saunter down the mall to one’s car. It is so nice to chat with a friend in front of Cosi’s. Where are you going to put the Christmas tree? What about the traffic crossing through Lake Street? You will create a massive headache with that messy intersection. God help the pedestrian as they have to deal with cars making turns at the intersection of Marion and Lake.

“Sidewalks will be wide enough to create opportunities for pedestrian activities as well as outdoor eating”? This is illusory at best. If you put in two lanes of traffic, the exhaust will back up to the front door of those restaurants lining Marion. Not conducive to appetite or digestion.

“Driving lanes will be narrow to slow traffic, and parking will be limited”? The luxury condominiums built north of Lake Street and south on South Boulevard are going to add more congestion to the area. Do you really want that traffic sieving through a shopping area? If “parking will be limited,” then most shoppers will still be using other parking facilities away from Marion Street, no different than the present mall. If you prohibit parking completely, you will only create disgruntled drivers.

That stretch of Marion between Lake and North Boulevard is a very pleasant part of the downtown Oak park scene. Don’t destroy it.

I have yet to receive a response from the village.

Cynthia Papierniak
Oak Park

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