In my youth, my late father told me that a person with style and class will exhibit that trait in defeat and more important show style and class in victory.

Again, your columnist, Ken Trainor, used your pages to insult the elected president of the United States through a disrespectful attempt at humor [There must be 50 ways to leave Iraq, Viewpoints, Jan. 10]. He must be aware that many of us in this community find charges of dishonesty an attack on the office as well as the man.

The recent election has put Mr. Trainor’s party in control of the legislative branch of our government. The platform they won on was no platform at all. More than half of the people in the United States cast their votes not for what they believe but against the policies of the elected government.

The Democrats as a minority never took the high road but always demonstrated low-class obstructionism. As the majority they have stepped down from that position to one of no class at all. The actions of Sen. Barbara Boxer against the Secretary of State was beyond apology. NO CLASS!!! Dropping Rep. Harmon from her rightful committee chair was an action of petty, catfight tactics. NO CLASS!! And the examples keep showing their ugly heads. NO CLASS!! NO CLASS!!

I am fully aware that the liberal elite in Oak Park believe they have the only correct answers. The conservative population are expected to sit down and be quiet. I am still waiting for a plan (correct or incorrect) for Iraq from the new majority. Mr Trainor says “Get out.” My question is does he remember the carnage in Viet Nam when the liberals forced that defeat? I DO!

Supporting the troops by cutting off their funding is a position George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abe Lincoln would find repugnant. The insulting actions of our new legislative leadership takes my breath away. I am still convinced that the genius of our founding fathers set this country up in a way to bridge the incompetent actions of a few to survive partisan anti-American legislators. I wonder if our founders considered a print and broadcast media that tell only one side of a story.

Raymond Simpson
Oak Park

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